Sunday, May 15, 2011

The start of something new!!

Hi Everyone!!
The Start of Something New...perfect title for everything in life.  I have never blogged before but thought I would start it because it seems to be a good way to keep interested parties up to date on everything Landry :)  I am a little optimistic and pessimistic.  Something new is always scary and believe me, we have had a lot of something new's.  My intension is to document everything that Dave and I have been through since getting married with three children all born with birth defects, the struggles with my Multiple Sclerosis and my new crochet business.  I am so hoping that crochet is my niche in life.  I am loving it so much. It is an escape for me, a joy for me, an excitement for me and physical therapy for me. It has really been a blessing.  What started out as a start of something new adventure is turning out to be a small business.  Customers are popping up all over and are blessing my world.  "Debutant Designs" is my Start of Something New.  I hope to post often as I will go back 22 years of life, struggles and starts of something new's.  Crazy, huh???  If I dont post for a few days, dont worry I will be back.  We are waiting on some flooding that may or may not affect my direct area.  All the surrounding areas will be affected so life is about to really become the start of something new.  Who knows what the next week will bring? My Oldest Son and middle child is graduating high school.  My mother in law is coming spend a few days.  My daughter's town may flood and she lives a block from the Mississippi river in Baton Rouge going to LSU majoring in Education.  My youngest son is finishing up his school  year.  My husband is working in South America and I am having an MS exacerbation because of a sinus and allergy problem.  Life is all about worrying and now this flood stuff....WOW!!  Please keep us in your prayers and I will post ASAP!!